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Our Subscriptions

To offer you the best of the Ricasoli world, we have created the Silver and Gold subscriptions.

Signing up for a subscription allows you to receive our best selection of Ricasoli wines, different each time, from the comfort of your home and without having to repeat the purchase again.

Also, it enables you to achieve the highest status within the Ricasoli Wine Club, that of Collector member, and grants you access to all its privileges. For instance, you will have a 20% discount on our wines and you will be able to enter the Ricasoli Collection comprising old vintages and limited-edition bottles.

Sign up for a Subscription and treat yourself to the best of the Ricasoli world!

How it works

Signing up for a subscription is very simple and allows you to receive a mixed box of 12 bottles specially selected for you in each shipment.


Choose between SILVER or GOLD. Wines included in the next delivery of each subscription are visible in their photo gallery.


Select Shipment Frequency: two or three times a year. Shipping costs are already included in the subscription price.


Sign up with your personal and shipping information. Now you can buy the chosen subscription and check-out.


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The privileges of Collectors

  • 20% discount when buying our products at our e-Shop or at Brolio wine shop
  • Periodic OFFERS with custom-made discounts
  • Access to new vintage release information
  • Access to the members’ only area Ricasoli Collection  (limited edition wines)
  • Access “future” allocations of our Great Red Wines
  • Free private tour & tasting for 2 people when visiting the estate, once per year
  • 15% discount at the Osteria di Brolio  
  • 15% discount on our guided tours, valid also for guests that come with you
  • 15% discount on our Brolio Agrirooms & Villa Agresto

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